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future mellon/not yet art

Is an artistic collaboration that started in 2011 by dance artist-researcher Ariadne Mikou and independent Arts & Culture producer Andrea Bonadio. Our projects are developed in time without any intention of realising a specific artistic product, but rather nurturing artistic processes that are constantly questioned, expanded and developed in the future. This evolutionary and research-based approach is what we prefer to indicate as NOT YET ART.


Each project generates new issues that orient the decisions of the collaboration. We are interested in 'the evolution’s process, not the results of the process. We are not interested in what has evolved, but in how was the evolution' (Karl Weick, 1979). We joined ourselves in what we called a contemporary-art-research-roaming-project founded in order to explore issues that we consider urgent.


Futuremellon/not yet art has always created inside two environments: conflict and emergency. Far from the social-geopolitical meaning of these words, our goal is to inhabit and study micro collisions where facts are uncertain and 'values in dispute, stakes high and decisions urgent' (Funtowicz and Ravetz, 1991). 


PS: Future is future. Mellon is future, in Greek. Even if it is the same word, Future and Mellon mean two different things -- for us --, at the moment.

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